Origin of Pomegranates

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Story Of Pomegranates

Origin of Pomegranates

Origin of Pomegranates

Pomegranate Tree

Pomegranate Tree is a summergreen shrub originated from Europe and Southwest Asia, and it is assumed that it was imported via Arabian merchant in the era of Goryeo. The bark is light brown, and they peel off when the tree gets old. In Korea, it’s generally planted as a garden tree or a fruit tree, and it should be well cared for it is weak to cold. The leaves sprout in alternation, shaped in a long egg shape – if you take a look at the leaves, one end is rounded and the other end is pointed, but it doesn’t have the sawtooth shape. Also, in ancient Greece or Rome, pomegranate trees were known as the tree that represents fecundity.

Pomegranates, also known as the female fruit for it is rich in female hormone-like substances

Pomegranates have beautiful red color! It’s especially good for females suffering from menopause.
Pomegranates are well-known as female fruit, and it is excellent for health and cosmetic treatment, loved by the consumers as many different processed products.

Pomegranate Information
Basic Information
  • Purchase Tips: Lift it and buy heavy ones with vivid red color and hard skin with lesser damage.
  • Similar Ingredient: Ocean Pomegranates (Pomegranates cultivated by sea.)
  • Storing Temperature: 1~5℃
  • Storing Date: 15 Days
  • How to store: You can store them up to about 15 days to 20 days in a cool place about 2~5℃
  • Preparation: Cut the fruit in half and take out the pomegranate substances.
  • Characteristics of Origin and Miscellaneous: Its origin is India and Persia. They are well cultivated in the subtropical region, but it is cultivated in the middle and the southern region of South Korea as well.
Consuming Information
  • How to eat: Brew tea, or drink juice, or eaten raw as well.
  • Good Match: Tomato (Tomato can supplement Vitamin A that pomegranates don’t have.)
  • Diet: Low-Calories – Being a fruit with low fat, it doesn’t have much sugar and it is a good fruit for the diet.
  • Effects: Cold Prevention, Menopause Disorder Prevention (Pomegranates are rich with different vitamins and it is effective for cold, and the membrane that covers the seed contains natural estrogen hormone.)
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