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Story Of Yuja

Yuja Products

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    Yuja Seed Oil Clearing, Brightening, giving Confidence to skin tired by the day!

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    Thinking Yuja Once Per Day Juice of yuja we raised, full of nutrition and energy-recharging!

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    Yuja Puree Simple and clean and come as sticks!

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    100% Yuja Extract Extract of the whole fruit without seed, rich with deep flavor.

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    Yuja Salt Made with selected organic yuja peelings.

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    Yuja Tee Made with Eco-Friendly Yuja We put the whole health yuja, with the peelings.

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    Eden Yuja Tea Healthy yuja tea, made with pesticide-free yuja raised in Goheung and organic sugar

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    Elixor Puree Set 3-Taste Puree made with organic fruit we raised: Pomegranate, Yuja, and Plum

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    Well-being Choco Crunch Well-being desert that used 100% Korean strawberries, pomegranates, yujas, and blueberries.